How should you go about choosing your Wedding Photographer?

Choosing the right photographer for your wedding can be like picking your way through a maze without a map. There are so many people competing for your big day with some offering cover from as little as £250 that it really can be a confusing time knowing how to go about selecting the right photographer for you.

So where do you start?

There are a number of key considerations we believe you need to make when embarking on your search and we've listed some of them here in an attempt to help guide you through the maze of choosing your Cheshire Wedding Photographer.


Do you like the style of their photography?

Not every photographer offers the same style or range of styles so you should look at samples of their work and discuss the style of photography you would like for your big day. 

Are they full time photographers?

Not all wedding photographer are full time. Some, while being very good photographers, do it as a secondary source of income and when Monday morning after your wedding comes round they set off to their "main job". This obviously means that the processing of your wedding photos is not their number one priority and can result in you waiting a long time before you get to see your photos.

Are they able to show you at least two albums of full weddings from bridal prep to first dance?

It’s easy for a photographer to show you a few of their best shots from different weddings however that doesn’t necessarily show they are capable of cover a wedding form Bridal preparations through to the First Dance.

Are they flexible in what they are prepared to do for you?

Check that they will approach the day in the style that you want and make sure you agree a list of those shots that are important to you. No-one can absolutely guarantee to get every shot however if you don’t agree beforehand you’ll never know until it’s too late.

Does what they offer fit within your budget?

Many sources suggest that you budget no less that 10% of your total budget for your photography. After all, once the cake has been eaten. the flowers have wilted and your beautiful dress packed away, the only permanent reminder of the biggest day in your lives will be the photos captured for you on the day by your Wedding photographer.

Do they offer a range of options that will fit WHAT YOU WANT? -

or do they insist that you have a package with an album included even though you said you didn’t want or couldn’t afford one? We offer all couples the opportunity to simply pay for their photography and a disc of images with the option of ordering an album after the Wedding once their finances have recovered!

Do they have all the necessary insurances?

Make sure they have Public and Employer Liability and Professional Indemnity cover in place. Some venues in Cheshire and around the country now refuse entry to photographers who can’t produce proof of insurance.

Do they have backup equipment?

Being very expensive doesn’t mean that professional cameras never fail and when they do it could ruin your day if there was no backup available. Ask whether they carry backup equipment: camera bodies, lenses, flashguns.

Do they have backup photographers?

Anyone can get sick unexpectedly so it’s important to know they have a plan B should that happen. Having access to other local photographers in Warrington and throughout Cheshire who will help in an emergency is not only essential it is also a sign that they are well regarded by their peers.

How many of them will be there on your wedding day?

Some photographers go it alone which can take longer to capture the group shots as they are trying to organize people as well instead of concentrating on taking photos. It also means that you might miss out on the candid shots than can make your memories of the day more interesting and amusing. Ideally you want at least two people covering your big day. The second might spend some time shooting and some time helping organise people.

Do they have testimonials from previous couples?

Ask if they have written testimonials from previous happy couples. (Take a look at some of ours here)

Do they offer a pre-wedding meeting or engagement shoot?

Many will offer an engagement shoot as part of the service. This gives both parties the opportunity to get to know each other a bit better and capture a few casual shots at the same time.

Will they attend your rehearsal (assuming a church Wedding)?

Good to meet your Vicar or Priest to check what photography they will allow on the day.

Will the person who sold you their services be your photographer on the day or will a complete stranger turn up?

Check if they book more than one wedding a day. If so make sure that the person you bought into is the one who will shoot your wedding. A stranger will know nothing about you which will potentially make it more stressful all round.

Is the photographer someone you can relate to and get along with?

After all, other than your new Spouse, you will spend more time with your photographer than anyone else on your big day. If you think they are not the type of person you could get along with then it is likely to end up a stressful experience which will most likely show in the photos of what should be the happiest day of your lives. 

I appreciate this is quite a lot to digest but it is the most important day of your lives so hopefully this will help you Brides and Grooms to be in making your choice and avoiding the possible pitfalls along the way.

Good luck and please feel free to call us for a no obligation meeting to discuss your big day.