Business Profiles and Head-shots


How many times have you looked at a head-shot on a business web page or on LinkedIn and thought it looked more like a holiday snap than something worthy of representing a business? Whether you're a large corporation, a sole trader, a model or actor, having a professional head-shot will greatly enhance your chances of success.


The expression of only getting one chance to make a first impression holds equally true for a photo as it does for a conversation or first meeting. Take a look below at some of our head-shots and ask yourself if you would feel comfortable dealing with some of these people. It's a well proven fact that people buy from people so that all important first impression can be what wins or loses you business. 




Our approach is professional and relaxed. Few of us relish being in front of the camera and for some it can be a nerve-wracking experience. We work with a client brief and when we sense any nervousness we'll engage with people to help them relax and often let them look at images on the camera to set them at ease. None of us likes to look like the proverbial rabbit in the headlights and we make sure individuals are pleased with their images.


Recent client businesses include fashion, estate agents, international transport, self-storage, semi-conductor and scientific instrument manufacturers.


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